Friday, July 31, 2009


We arrived back in London last night around 6 pm after our trip to Edinburgh. All the North Carolina crowd that started succesfully completed the ride. Paul didn't start. The total time was around 106 hours for all of us. The weather was very rainy and cold, and the organizers even added a couple hours to the allowed completion time. Will and I rode in the last three days, not needing lights, as we arrived at the controls for dinner, and even ordered a pizza one night. We did get good weather on the last day back into London. The controls were well run, and we met some great folks along the way.

My daily ride distance was 400k the first day, 300k into Edinburgh on day two, 250k to start the return, and 225k, and finally another 225k.

We will add much later, as we are busy sipping down a pint at the pub watching some football.

Thanks for reading, and sorry about not getting anything posted until now.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Packing and watching the weather

Well, I have the Rambouilett squeezed into the travel box for another ride across the pond. The coupled bike makes travels around the airport much easier. The weather in London looks pretty good. The highs are in the 70's with lows in the 50's. Edinburgh is seeing 60's and upper 40's. All of the UK seems to have a chance of rain every day, but mostly seeing traces, so that sounds pretty good. More later after we arrive in London. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

North Carolina contingent

LEL has 600 riders signed up, with nearly half being English, at 277. Italy is coming with 85 strong. The US has 13 riders, 5 of which are from North Carolina, so we have a pretty strong contingent. We have John from Asheville, Paul from Charlotte, Mike from Raleigh, Will from Greensboro, and me, Jimmy, from Winston-Salem. To look at the complete list, link here, and take a look at the start list.

Monday, July 20, 2009



Gamlingay 40 miles
Thurlby 54 miles
Washingborough 41 miles
Thorne 66 miles
Coxwold 56 miles
Middle Tyas 33 miles
Alston 48 miles
Eskdalemuir 59 miles
Dalkeith (Edinburgh) 52 miles
Eskdalemuir 52 miles
Alston 59 miles
Middle Tyas 47 miles
Coxwold 33 miles
Thorne 56 miles
Washingborough 46 miles
Thurlby 41 miles
Gamlingay 54 miles
Lee Valley (London) 41 miles

TOTAL 875 miles

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How did this happen

During the Christmas holiday visit in Asheville, John Ende and I went out for a harmless bike ride. We talked about plans for the summer, and John had already signed up for a ride in the UK. It was London Edinburgh London, a 1400 randonn'ee. It's a ride I have had my eyes on for a while, as I've spent many vacations in England with my family. Well, a week after thinking about it, I decided to go ahead and sign up. I found out the event was full, at 600 riders. It took nearly a month, and quite a few emails to the organizer, and after some cancellations, I was in. A good buddy of mine, Will Shore, made it as well. This event doesn't require any qualification rides. I did pull together a fleche team for an early effort, and eventually rode a 400k and 600k to build up my endurance, along with numerous century and a double century or two. I hope some of my experience will get me through this ride too, as I've not gotten quite the miles in that I have in past years preparing for Paris Brest Paris.